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Firmware Stock

In this page, you can find the links to a github repository where we store tested firmwares for the Flyingbear Ghost 5 and 4S and the procedures to update your 3d printer

How to check currently installed version

  1. From the main menu, click on the Tool icon
  2. Click on the About icon
  3. Next to Mainboard Version, you should find the current installed version

Update procedure

  1. Download the zipped file that contains the firmware
  2. Extract the file you've just downloaded to a folder you can easily locate
  3. Insert the printer microSD card to your computer
  4. Backup all the files stored in the microSD
  5. Format the microSD card in FAT32
  6. Copy the whole content of the folder where you extracted the firmware to the microSD (both files and folders)
  7. *Optional: If you've amended the robin_nano35_cfg.txt config file in the past, insert all the values you've amended in the new config file in the firmware folder
  8. Switch the printer off (if on)
  9. Insert the microSD card in the printer
  10. Switch the printer on
  11. Wait for new firmware to be uploaded
  12. When update is complete, you should be able to see the Flyingbear logo first, then the startup menu

DO NOT switch off the printer during the update procedure!!!

Increase printing speed

The stock firmware limits the printer speed: it can reach much higher speed and acceleration

This limitation is the main reason for discrepancies between estimated print time from the slicer and the actual printing time

To increase the printer speed limits, replace the following values in the robin_nano_cgf.txt and update the firmware as described in the First Steps section of this wiki


Available firmwares


We store only firmwares we've tested

These firmwares might be behind the ones released by Flyingbear, which you can find here

However, we cannot guarantee these firmwares won't brick your motherboard, while we can guarantee you the ones we are hosting won't


Lately, Flyingbear delivered printers with different motherboard chipsets and drivers

Before you download and install a new firmware, you should double check which configuration you have

Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to open the printer base

We stronlgy advise you not to attempt to install firmware blindly: installing the wrong firmware might brick your printer (lucky for you, there is already a procedure to restore the bootloader, which is described in the next page)

Compare your configuration with the pictures in the table below, then choose a firmware to install

If you can't see very well the images below, just click on them: a new zoomed in image will open in another window, so you can see better

4SNANASTOCK3.5.1Firmware Stock
5 Reborn TMC2209 STM32F103TMC2208/95.83-T25Firmware Stock
5 Reborn TMC2209 A4889 STM32F103STOCK5.8.7Firmware Stock
5 Robin Nano TMC2225 STM32F407TMC22255.96-T25Firmware Stock
5 Robin Nano TMC2209 A4889 STM32F407STOCKv6.4Firmware Stock
5 Reborn TMC2225 STM32F407TMC2225v71NON TESTATO!!!

Video-guide "Ghost 4S Firmware Upload Flying Bear" on YouTube

Video-guide "Ghost 4S Firmware Upload Flying Bear" on YouTube